University: Adaptation Project

Ok, so tomorrow I am meeting with the author of my source text that I have chosen for my Adaptation project for uni. For our adaptation unit we had to choose text and then write a treatment of how we would adapt it into a different medium and write a few scene from our interpretation of the text. I chose the 2007 novel ‘Blue Sky July’ by Nia Wyn, a Cardiff based author. The story is very relate-able to me, as it follows the first seven years of Nia’s son Joe’s life who has cerebral palsy. It was interesting for me to see the impact that CP has on the parental side, while not being directly effected by the disability it still bares a big impact. It kind of made me realize that the events of the book must be similar to what my parents went through with me when I was younger. I want to ask Nia what her motivations were for writing the book, and whether it provided a release for her. I also want to ask her why she chose to write the book in the particular rhythmic style that is displayed in the book.

I aim to get a better understanding of the author and the other people within the book. In my uni adaptation project I want to explore some of the fringe characters a little more, but without losing the closeness in the relationship between her and her son.

One think I struggled to understand was the writer’s relentless search for a cure for her son, I personally don’t want to be cured of my CP, if one ever becomes available. But I can see why you would be longing for a cure if your child was profoundly affected by their CP. I’m glad [Spoilers!] that Nia reached a state of acceptance midway through the book. I very much admire Nia’s honesty within her writing, which still shines through despite the non-naturalistic structure and language within the novel. I am very much looking forward to meeting her and Joe.

If Nia allows I’ll put a transcription of the interview up on here tomorrow.

Blue Sky July by Nia Wyn, published by Seren Books is available on Amazon, link below, I highly recommend it!

Next: An Article on the West Wales Pan-Disability football league and the upcoming tournament in Aberystwyth on Saturday




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